Sung Kang of Fast & Furious fame had driven many cars in the popular movie franchise, but we'd probably all agree that the most notable among them was the black and orange VeilSide Mazda RX-7. Also known as Han in the movie, he drove the rotary-powered coupe in The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift, aptly showcasing Japanese aftermarket tuning in the Japan-based setting.

VeilSide works with Sung Kang again but this time, it's not a rotary-powered coupe that has been given the VS treatment. It's a widebody Nissan Z that harkens to the RX-7, featured by photographer Larry Chen as he visited the Japanese tuner's headquarters.

Of course, Han's VeilSize Nissan Z is painted in black and orange to match the popular RX-7. It was painted down to the bare metal, which was considerable work, we reckon. Other details that call back to the Mazda are the 20-inch two-piece wheels and lots of VeilSide exterior branding. It comes with air suspension as well as part of the tuning package.

The Nissan Z by itself is already (and arguably) beautiful but VeilSide transformed Han's sports coupe with upgrades that are just enough to make it look even more aggressive. The slightly wider stance was thanks to bolt-on kits, while the drag race-style spoiler adds a low-key flair at the rear.

Another subtle yet effective alteration is found on the front. The curved bumper tries to alter the squared-off edges of the grille, which was successful in our opinion. The entire bumper was reworked by VeilSide, with the black front lip matching the Porsche-style vents on the side.

Inside, the Japan-based tuner worked with Bride, another Japanese firm, to create a one-off upholstery for Han's Nissan Z. The result is a fabric with VeilSide branding, which covers the door cards, dashboard, knee pads, carbon-fiber racing seats, and even the horn cover on the steering wheel.

Sung Kang's VeilSide Nissan Z made its public appearance at the 2023 Tokyo Auto Salon, but rumors suggest that it could make its way to the next Fast & Furious movie.

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