Chevrolet has a long history of making trucks. The company’s first pickup truck was introduced more than a century ago when the Chevrolet Series 490 made its debut. Ever since then, Chevy has never stopped building some of America’s favorite trucks and today the automaker has a few different models in different sub-segments, each with a number of versions. What’s in Chevrolet’s future? More trucks, of course, including fully electric models.

In case you are wondering what a future Chevy-branded truck could look like, we have a pretty accurate answer. It doesn’t come in the form of renderings from independent designers as what you see in the gallery below are digital drawings showing a fresh new take on Chevy’s truck design. The images were shared on Instagram by Ben Wilkins, who is currently taking the role of a creative designer at General Motors.

Gallery: Chevy truck by GM Design

The picture showing the front fascia should probably remind you of the current Silverado design, though there are some noticeable differences. The grille is slightly bigger and the headlights are slimmer. The LED daytime running lights extend further down the fascia but have a familiar shape. The bumper is a little more sculptured and incorporates a silver protection element that probably continues to cover the engine area from underneath. To a certain extent, this truck looks like a more off-road-inspired version of the Silverado.

The second sketch shows the truck from the side. The edgy shapes of the front fascia continue into a boxy overall design with straight door lines and muscular wheel arches. Those slightly oversized side mirrors perfectly fit into the overall rugged design language and one touch we like especially is the wheel design. The grippy tires in combination with the huge suspension travel as hinted by the large gap between the wheels and fenders suggest this could be a very capable machine.

While this truck certainly looks fantastic, Chevrolet is currently focused on delivering the first electric version of the Silverado. The EV utility is now available with up to 754 horsepower and 785 pound-feet, making it one of the most powerful production vehicles ever launched by Chevrolet.

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