While Koenigsegg isn't disclosing the price of the CC850, the figure is very likely in the millions, judging by the Swedish supercar maker's previous offerings. There's good news if you have that much money to spare because the company is boosting the production number to 70 units, rather than the original 50-vehicle assembly plan.

"The response to the CC850 is overwhelming. Producing an additional 20 on top of the planned 50 CC850s is still not even close to demand, but it gives us the chance to consider the brand loyalists to a larger degree, while also welcoming a small portion of new owners," said Christian von Koenigsegg in the annuoncement.

The first 50 examples of the CC850 already have buyers. Judging by von Koenigsegg's statement, it doesn't sound like the other 20 are going to be available very long.

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Christian von Koenigsegg is now 50, which is the reason for the original production figure. The additional 20 commemorate the automaker's two decades in business. Before making the decision to increase the number, the company consulted with long-term clients to see how they felt about making more units of the CC850.

The CC850 pays tribute to the CC8 - Koenigsegg's first production model from 2002. While the two vehicles have similar styling, there's nothing in common underneath the skin. The new model has a twin-turbo 5.0-liter V8 that derives from the mill in the Jesko. This application makes 1,185 horsepower (884 kilowatts) when running on gasoline or 1,385 hp (1,033 kW) when drinking E85

For comparison, the version of this engine in the Jesko makes 1,280 hp (955 kW) on gasoline or 1,600 hp (1,193 kW) on E85.

The transmission also comes from the Jesko, and it's a bizarre unit. There's a six-speed gated shifter in the cabin, but the gearbox has nine cogs. Drivers can either shift through the six gears manually or switch drive modes to have a nine-speed automatic.

No acceleration or top speed figures are available for the CC850. With 1,185 hp on tap, it's safe to say the vehicle isn't slow, though.

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