The next-generation BMW M2 is just around a corner with an official and full debut scheduled for October this year. The model won’t go on sale until April 2023, though we already know quite a bit about its hardware. It will share its engine and brakes with the M4 and it seems that there’s more to be borrowed from the larger sports car – it’s available all-wheel drive.

This is the first time we hear about a potential M2 xDrive and the information comes from a leaked BMW technical document, which seems to indicate there will be an all-wheel-drive version of the new M2. According to a post on Bimmerpost, the xDrive system will be identical to the one used in the M4 Coupe xDrive. A brief description in the sheet promises “outstanding traction” and “further improved driving dynamics.”

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The leaked document explains the way BMW’s AWD system operates and says the maximum transmissible torque is 959 pound-feet (1,300 Newton-meters). The tuning companies will probably be happy to hear this as the figure is well above what the new M2 is expected to deliver in stock form. Or, simply put, there’s enough room for performance upgrades once the model goes on sale.

According to the document, just like on the M4, the M xDrive on the new M2 codenamed G87 will offer five different driving modes covering a broad range of driving conditions. The system only gets the front axle involved when the rear wheels lack enough traction and additional tensile force is required. BMW says the vehicle “behaves predictably” under all conditions, even with a sporty driving style.

We’d like to hear your opinion in the comments section below – do you like the idea of an all-wheel-drive M2? But before you go into the “I will never buy an M2 with xDrive” and “the M2 xDrive is the only one I’d buy” discussion, keep in mind this leaked document is not necessarily a confirmation that the new M2 is coming with an AWD. It’s a strong hint but nothing is confirmed at this point. As a final note, we'd like to remind you BMW will sell the sports car with either a six-speed manual gearbox or an optional eight-speed automatic.

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