The Ford Bronco is a very capable off-road SUV. You can probably head to the trails after driving with one right off the showroom. But if the bucking horse's esteemed performance off the beaten path isn't enough for you, then you should turn your attention to Automotive Performance Group or APG.

APG has introduced its ultimate performance package for the Ford Bronco. Called the APG Ford Bronco ProRunner, it aims to maximize the Bronco's off-road performance without losing its drivability on the pavement. APG claims that you can tackle any terrain and also drive home in comfort with the Prorunner package installed.

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The primary upgrade of course is with the Bronco's suspension. APG's Bronco Long Travel Front Suspension System uses 3.5-inch-wider-per-side billet upper and boxed lower control arms for a total of 16.5 inches of wheel travel. This is limited to just 14.5 inches with a set of 40-inch tires.

The front and rear damping are handled by 3.0-inch King Race Series coilovers and 2.5-inch triple bypass shocks, but with longer strokes, an APG Track Bar, and billet Control Arms for the rear set.

Meanwhile, the carbon-fiber front and rear fenders are 7-inches wider per side, and are 100 percent aerospace-grade. Also included in the package are a carbon-fiber hood insert and a one-piece hardtop.

To make sure that the Bronco ProRunner can handle larger tires, an Ultimate Dana 44 IFS drive unit and 300M RCV HD axles add significant strength to the front, while a 7-inch wider Ultimate Dana 60 axle is equipped at the rear.

APG can install these upgrades in its facility in Garden Grove, California. The company can handle shipping if you're far from the west coast. It also offers additional aftermarket accessories that include racks, lighting, performance modifications, and armor, among others.

Pre-orders for the APG Bronco ProRunner Package start on August 1, 2022, with production beginning in the fall of 2022.

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