The debut of the long-awaited Suzuki Jimny five-door is approaching because the stretched version of the tiny off-roader should have an unveiling later this year. After spotting seeing the vehicle in spy shots, we got an idea of the new model's appearance and tried to reconstruct its appearance in this exclusive rendering.

A Bit Bigger

In addition to the extra pair of doors, the five-door Jimny should also have a longer wheelbase than the existing model. The increase is likely around 11.81 inches (300 millimeters). The vehicle's width and height shouldn't change. 

A rumor from Japan says Suzuki plans to call the five-door model the Jimny Long. Aesthetically, the front end should be the same as the three-door. You have to look at it from the side to see the difference. The additional wheelbase length should also mean more cargo space in the rear. 

Gallery: Suzuki Jimny 5 Door Rendering

New Powertrain

The five-door Jimny will also reportedly gain a new engine. A mild-hybrid, turbocharged powerplant will allegedly replace the existing 1.5-liter naturally aspirated gasoline mill with 100 horsepower (75 kilowatts). The current powerplant's poor emissions mean that Suzuki can only sell it in Europe in a two-seat, commercial version of the Jimny.

Right now, it's unclear whether the naturally aspirated engine would go away entirely or if the mill is sticking around for the commercial model. We don't yet know whether the new hybrid would be available in the three-door, but from a mechanical perspective, nothing should prevent the installation.

With the longer body and new engine, Europeans can expect to pay about €2,000 ($2,039 at current exchange rates). Prices for the current Jimny in Germany start at €23,915 ($24,380).

There's also a rumor about Suzuki building a more rugged version of the Jimny Long with a focus on off-roading. Other than some speculation, we haven't seen any spy shots or heard other news about this tougher model, though.

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Gallery: Suzuki Jimny 5 Door Rendering

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