A concert of twelve electric motors and three intelligent pneumatic valve electronic control, both controlled by an ECU – no, we're not talking about things under the hood. This is about Bentley's new Airline Seat, found in the new Bentayga EWB that boasts the most technologically advanced seat ever made.

Beyond the news of the new Bentayga EWB limousine SUV that comes with gazillion ways of cabin customization, the luxury vehicle's Airline Seat also made headlines during the launch. That's because it comes with 22 ways of adjustments to ensure utmost comfort. The automaker details how the Airline Seat works in a press release.

Gallery: Bentley Bentayga EWB Airline Seat

Controlled by a master Seat Motion & Wellbeing ECU, the Bentayga EWB's Airline Seat has two major unprecedented in-car technology on offer: auto climate and postural adjustments.

The auto climate control is the world's first seat surface sensing system for thermal comfort. In a nutshell, it works like the typical cabin climate control, except that it's specific to the seats. The passenger may set the setting in seven ways, with the neutral position (0) delivering optimal comfort based on trials involving different passengers and different environments.

With the sensors in place that detect passenger contact surface temperature and humidity level, the Airline Seat climate control is accurate up to 0.1 ºC (32 ºF) every 25 milliseconds.

Bentley also introduces the Postural Adjustment system in the Bentayga EWB. It goes beyond the typical adjustment of a seat, as well as the comfort that seat massage systems bring to the table.

Using the pneumatic activation zones, the Postural Adjustment system relieves fatigue by subtly adjusting the contact pressure between body and seat, with motions controlled by complex algorithms. The adjustable profiles can morph to suit different customer shapes and build, while the adjustable leg and footrest feature allows customers to achieve a seated posture that is individually comfortable to them for longer periods.

Only certain markets will get the longer Bentayga, including the First Edition Bentayga EWB Azure, with customer deliveries happening towards the final three months of this year.

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