People jest these days that if you want to take your significant other out on an expensive date, take them to a gasoline station. But why stop on a date when you can rent a suite there instead?

Null Stern Hotel is offering this highly unusual accommodation in Switzerland. Called the Null Stern Anti-Idyllic Suite, the aptly named "hotel room" is situated within the vicinity of a fuel station in the municipality of Saillon – with no walls and roof for privacy and to protect you from outside elements.

The Anti-Idyllic Suite's listing says:

The anti-idyllic suite is situated on the side of a thoroughfare. Rather than a place of rest, this new version aims to keep you awake and offers a place of reflection on current affairs such as the climate, the economy, security or equality. Individuals, companies, schools or associations are all welcome to use this space to exchange, brainstorm or create ideas. We offer you the opportunity to invest time in yourself and for yourself, so it gives sense and purpose to this moment of introspection.

The Null Stern Anti-Idyllic Suite is one of the "Zero Star" hotel rooms that the company offers. While most of the other accommodations being offered are situated in picturesque locations, with a panoramic view of the alps and others, the roadside hotel is certainly out of the box.

Interested? The Null Stern Anti-Idyllic Suite costs 325 Swiss francs a night or around $338 with the current exchange rates. That's certainly not cheap but that money also entitles you to a welcome drink with local organic finger food, breakfast pastry from a local bakery with fresh local fruit juice, and the services of a butler.

In case of bad weather, that booking also includes a reservation at Hôtel des Bains de Saillon – with walls, roof, and air-conditioning, of course.

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