Fuel prices are skyrocketing – not just in the US but in several parts of the world. And while this in itself makes trips to fuel stations a huge financial chore, an owner of a Volkswagen Golf GTI has to brave through more every time he has to fuel up.

In a video posted over at Tiktok (embedded below or through the source link at the bottom of the story), user mkvtay shared his Mk7 Golf GTI and its unorthodox way of filling up his tank – one that's a source of inconvenience for a rather menial task as a car owner.


And yes, as you should have seen in the photo above, his VW Golf GTI isn't just any ordinary hatchback – it's slammed to the ground and stanced with maximum wheel camber.

The setup was so low and the wheel so angled that the rear right wheel must have reached the fuel line from the side port to the tank. As a result, the Golf GTI owner has to jack up the car and remove the wheel every time he has to gas up since the fuel port is now hiding behind the wheel.

We can only imagine the massive inconvenience he has to go through because of this build but hey, to each his own, so they say.

One solution to this problem – as many commenters of the social media post pointed out – is either to use fuel cells or relocate the fuel tank to the trunk. However, it appears that this GTI's trunk is already full, more likely populated with speakers you'll usually see with this type of build.

How far would you go to accomplish your target build? Is this something you can picture doing for your car? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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