Folks who have been into cars for a while might remember when the Nissan GT-R launched in 2009 and was a performance powerhouse for a time. Over a decade after the debut, this video shows how the Nismo version stacks up against a Tesla Model X.

The GT-R Nismo makes 600 horsepower (447 kilowatts), which is less than the Model X's 670 hp (500 kW). However, the Nissan weighs significantly less than the Tesla. The difference gives the GT-R a fighting chance here.

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It's also worth noting that these vehicles serve completely different purposes. The Model X is a family-hauling crossover that also happens to be impressively quick in a straight line. In comparison, the GT-R Nismo is the track-focused version of this sports coupe.

The weather for this clip is not ideal for a drag race. It's foggy and the runway is wet. The conditions put both vehicles' all-wheel-drive systems to the test.

The first race is a drag race. The Model X takes an early lead off the line, but the GT-R comes on like a rocket ship near the end of the quarter-mile. At the finish line, the Nissan wins by a nose.

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Next, there's a race from a 50-mile-per-hour (80 kilometer-per-hour) roll. The results are similar. The Model X initially pulls ahead. At just over 100 mph (161 kph), the GT-R Nismo goes by and takes the win in the half-mile.

They then re-run this race, except for keeping the Nissan in manual mode. This time, the GT-R Nismo rockets away from the start, and there's nothing the Tesla can do to keep up.

The final roll race is from just 30 mph (48 kph). Also, the Tesla is running low on its charge level, so the powertrain might not be supplying full power. The Model X initially takes the lead. Then, the GT-R Nismo goes by when the electric crossover is going about 100 mph.

The last challenge is a braking test from 100 mph. Despite being heavier, the Model X scores a victory. This is especially impressive because the GT-R Nismo has carbon-ceramic discs.

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