A refreshed BMW X7 is coming soon. We've seen camouflaged prototypesoff and on for a year and a half, barely concealing a controversial split headlight design on the SUV's nose. It seems the internet is tired of waiting for BMW to pull the camo, because a photo recently posted on social media appears to reveal the X7 in full.

The source of the photo is Wilco Blok on Instagram. There is no context for the image, just a mention that the X7 has leaked, with The X7 appearing on the lower left side of the shot. We cannot confirm it's a legitimate leak, but the photo does look like something we'd expect in an official press photo.


What do we see? The quad-light arrangement with split upper and lower units isn't a surprise, but it will almost certainly be the design cue that commands the most attention. From there, details of the lower fascia are revealed and it is, in a word, busy. Narrow vertical corner vents stretch down from the lights. Meanwhile, the large lower intake has angled sides with vertical pillars to form triangular-shaped vents. The leaked image doesn't offer a clear view of details in the center of the intake. Above, the prominent X7 grille looks unchanged from the current model.

The photo doesn't show anything at the X7's backside. Spy photos suggest small changes to the rear fascia and taillights are likely, but nothing as significant as the quad-light arrangement in front. We aren't expecting any notable changes for the interior or powertrain.

If this is indeed a leaked press image of the 2023 X7, it could point to a reveal being very close. Throughout our year-long X7 spy photo campaign, we've speculated that a debut could happen from late 2021 through the first few months of 2022. April is nearly upon us, and we know the i7 electric sedan is slated for a debut next month. Perhaps there's room in BMW's calendar for an X7 reveal as well.

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