With millions of cars manufactured since time immemorial, it's impossible to not see abandoned ones every once in a while. However, an abandoned BMW dealership and body shop in Spain doesn't just house a few of them – it's got a whole bunch rotting away in dirt and bird toilings.

The abandoned BMW dealership and warehouse are located in Tarragona in Spain. Its owner was a car collector, then decided to store the vehicles under one roof when the shop closed down a decade ago.

Gallery: BMW 3 Series E30

Evidently, the cars got neglected but this 70-minute tour by M539 Restorations gives us a close look at them and the gems hiding away from the eyes of the public. The building is currently up for grabs, including the cars inside. They're not limited to Bimmers, however. There are Alfa Romeos, Lancias, Jeeps, Citroën, and NSUs – some of them notably popular among car nuts.

Among the popular ones that drew clamor from the video's viewers were the BMW E30s. The Alfa Romeo Alfetta and GTV6 demanded attention as well, which should pique the interest of classic European car collectors out there.

Other notables include an M5 E28, an 8 Series 850i (E31), and a bird poop-covered 525td E34. An M70 V12-powered 750i E32 is also sitting within the dusty warehouse, which should be an attractive restoration project for those who want more oomph.

There are two ways to look at abandoned cars. One, which will resound in most car fans, would be a bit of disappointment because we believe that cars are meant to be driven. However, others might see this as an opportunity to bring them back to their former glory. Whether it's for profit or just for a profound affection for automobiles, that's entirely up to them.

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