Tired of campers and motorhomes with interiors awash in various shades of white or gray? We've certainly seen a few customized builds featuring wood interiors, but this could be the only one we can smell through the digital world of the internet.

Of course, we can't actually smell the interior of this extraordinary RV. But few smells are as memorable (and welcome) as cedar, and this camper from Ohio-based Advanced-RV is literally full of it. Called Nelson for reasons that aren't made clear, the bespoke build was designed specifically for a customer planning considerable off-grid travel over the next five years, and it sure looks like a serene place to get away from it all.

Gallery: ARV Mercedes Sprinter Nelson Red Cedar Motorhome

Off-grid pretty much requires four-wheel drive, so the starting point is an extended-length Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 4x4. From there, Advanced-RV got to work using Eastern Red Cedar wood sourced from Amish communities in the area to build just about everything inside. The design is interesting, as the full bathroom is located at the back and spans the width of the van. A stainless-steel shower is separate from the toilet, and the entire area can be closed off from the rest of the living space.

Mercedes Sprinter Red Cedar Custom Motorhome Bathroom
Mercedes Sprinter Red Cedar Custom Motorhome Interior

Speaking of which, the central area contains a bed and sofa, the latter of which also converts to a bed. The kitchen is located at the front, featuring a large stainless refrigerator, sink, and a microwave beneath a walnut countertop. There's a nifty jump seat between the kitchen area and cockpit that opens up to a third bed, albeit a small one.

At the very back of the Sprinter is a small garage accessible from the outside. Lined in fabric, it allows for prolific use of Velcro to secure items, though an electric winch is used to raise and store an electric bike. Per the customer's request, there's virtually no plastic that could lead to off-gassing. The layout closely resembles the van owner's home, and since it will be used all-season, it's equipped with heated tanks as well as heating and air conditioning inside for comfort.

Advanced-RV specializes in custom camper builds, and this wood wonderland with its detailed design certainly qualifies. It looks comfortably cozy, and with all the cedar inside, it must smell absolutely incredible.

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