Screens are becoming pretty important among new cars these days. They add pizzazz to the interior of automobiles and while sometimes can imbue danger, they add to the overall value of cars.

Such is the case with the 2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee. The two-row that arrived a few months ago offers the option to have another screen for the front passenger, which is exclusive for the most expensive Grand Cherokee Summit Reserve.

The said passenger screen will be available on the 2022 Grand Cherokee L as well, but a rumor from Mopar Insiders is telling us that it will become optional to other trim levels.

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According to Mopar Insiders, the front passenger screen will become optional for 2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee L Limited, Overland, and Summit models. It will carry the RJA option code and is said to be priced at $1,095. However, that doesn't seem to be the case as of date.

Of note, we checked Jeep's 2022 configurator but the front passenger screen is only available for the Summit Reserve of both two- and three-row Cherokees. No option has been added for the said Limited, Overland, and Summit models at the time of this writing.

The front passenger screen measures 10.25 inches and has four main techie functions. It can serve as a "Co-Pilot" for navigation and device management, for entertainment (via HDMI), Amazon's Fire TV for Auto, and as a display for the exterior cameras. The HDMI plug allows smartphone mirroring and other UConnect 5 system functions.

Time will tell whether the front passenger screen will ever become available for the mentioned trim levels of Grand Cherokee L. In case you're already in the market for one, we suggest you ask your dealer about the said option.

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