The shift towards electrification took another step today with Infiniti committing to a broad offering of EVs by 2030. We've heard many manufacturers make similar announcements in the last year or so, but Infiniti caught our attention for a couple of reasons. Among other things, the Japanese brand isn't going all-in on electric power. At least, not right away.

It's a point Infiniti emphasizes in the video above. The brand certainly has broad electric ambitions, but midway through the clip there's a distinct emphasis on a majority of vehicles being electrified by 2030, not all of them. To drive the point home, the video says "we will not let the size of our battery alone define us, but rather, empower customers  to choose the power source that fits their lifestyle." Interesting.

During this short interlude, we're also shown some shadowy images of a concept vehicle that looks rather low-slung. The timing is curious, especially considering we see a flash of a tachometer spinning up immediately afterward. With so many brands charging towards full electrification, we must admit that internal-combustion hybrids could be something of a niche segment by the end of the decade. It's a very interesting mystery, and frankly, we'd like to know more about it.

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The rest of the video is a mix of catchphrases like seamless integration, natural beauty, and human experience, but it does close out with another vague glimpse of concept vehicles. A freeze-frame reveals a trio of anonymous machines, one of which is clearly a crossover. Whether there's any connection to the shadowed concept from earlier in the video is unknown. There's also no clear connection to the slate of Nissan Out concept cars that recently debuted. Infiniti's press release on the announcement doesn't offer any additional insight, other than to remind us that the company is ambitious, just like its parent company Nissan.

In any case, the coming years could be interesting at Infiniti. That's especially true if there are indeed plans to keep some measure of internal combustion power in the mix while luxury competitors go all-electric.

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