Mahindra has not had a smooth ride getting its Roxor to market. The bite-sized off-road SUV debuted back in 2018, though its design landed it in hot water with Jeep. It looked a bit too similar to the Jeep CJ. A legal battle ensued, and now we have a new facelifted version for the 2022 model year. Its front end is a bit more generic, though it should keep the lawyers and lawsuits at bay.

Mahindra doesn’t detail any significant tweaks made to the model, as it looks unchanged except for the face. The new fascia has a single bar that stretches across the mesh grille, which sits in a rectangular opening with rounded corners between a pair of round headlights. The hood is now square, losing the taper that created a pair of arched wheel wells that Jeep didn’t particularly like.

Gallery: 2022 Mahindra Roxor

The 2022 Roxor is available in two flavors: Base and All-Weather. Both sport the same 2.5-liter turbodiesel engine that pairs with a five-speed manual gearbox and a two-speed transfer case. The engine produces just 62 horsepower (46 kilowatts) but 144 pound-feet (105 Newton-meters) of torque, which makes it perfect for serving ranches and farms. Four-wheel drive is standard, and it has a top speed of 55 miles per hour (88 kilometers per hour). It can tow up to 3,490 pounds (1,583 kilograms) with a top towing speed of 15 mph (24 kph).

According to the company, production for the 2022 Roxor is already underway, with the new model starting to ship to dealers the first week of this month. The Roxor is designed to compete with other off-road side-by-side vehicles from Polaris and others, though it won’t be cheap. The entry-level Roxor Base starts at $18,899, while the All-Weather variant starts at $26,299. The All-Weather model gets an enclosed cabin, side mirrors, and other upgrades.

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