The Polaris Slingshot is a bold, three-wheeled creation that feels like it’s trying to blur the line between car and motorcycle. It’s audacious in its own right, but the builders at Gas Monkey Garage had the opportunity to add their own twist to the model, and Richard Rawlings and crew delivered. It’s a high-riding off-road three-wheeler that needed extensive modifications to accommodate the revised suspension and its larger tires.

Gas Monkey Garage had to fabricate many of the Slingshot’s new parts in-house, including vital suspension components such as the new control arms, tie rod ends, and the rear swing arm, which proved to be the most difficult part to build. The new ride height made it challenging to perfect the Slingshot’s rear suspension geometry. The new ride height also required the tuner to turn to Polaris for a custom hood that allowed the suspension to fit through it.

Gallery: Gas Monkey Garage Urban Assault Polaris Slingshot

The Slingshot has a new front bumper, too, which removes a lot of the extra lighting and ventilation that you’d normally find on a stock example. Instead, there’s a custom front bumper with a skid plate that gives it more ground clearance. Gas Monkey Garage also installed custom rock sliders that extend up the Slingshot’s rear to connect to the roll cage. Up top, there’s a custom roof rack and KC off-road lights. Thirty-five-inch Nitto tires wrap around the stock wheels, though they have a splash of orange for some contrast.

Desert tan paint and orange vinyl accents complete the car’s exterior makeover, which looks ready to tackle a variety of rough terrains. The project started as a drawing before the crew got to work, but not every idea perfectly translated from paper. There were plans for a rear-mounted spare tire, though the proportions just weren’t right with it installed. The pair of jerrycans look perfect back there regardless. 

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