Are you looking for the perfect family sedan with SUV rivaling space? Well thanks to a classifieds listing based in the Netherlands, you can own a very affordable Cadillac De Ville Limo. This unique car is for sale on Marktplaats, which is a European used car listing website and is ready for its next home. Would you purchase the most affordable limo for sale on the site?

The Cadillac De Ville Limo is a statement of American luxury. This beast of a car sports 3 rows of seating and 6 doors for easy passenger access. Sure, the Cadillac De Ville Limo was built as a luxury transporter, however, it’s also a very practical potential family car. Instead of buying another three-row SUV that blends into the crowd, arrive in style with your Cadillac De Ville Limo and make a statement. With a purchase price of only 4,990 euros ($5,885), this limo is a huge value for money.

The Cadillac De Ville Limo is powered by a 5.6-liter naturally aspirated V8 that produces 279 horsepower. Don’t expect your new Cadillac De Ville Limo to be very fast, as it’s built for style and not speed. The early 2000s were not a spectacular time for Cadillac so this isn’t the peak of American luxury but rather a starting point for the brand to build upon.

How did a Cadillac De Ville Limo end up in the Netherlands? It’s hard to say, however, it makes the car all the more special as it’s rare to spot a Cadillac outside of the United States let alone a limo version. We can only assume a passionate Cadillac enthusiast imported it from the United States or a United States government official left it in Europe after its tour of duty.

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