More than a decade after the first Nissan 370Z debuted – an eternity in sports car years – its replacement has finally arrived. Meet the 2023 Nissan Z coupe. The highly anticipated sports car debuted today in New York City on the heels of what would have been the New York Auto Show (thanks, Covid), sporting a new twin-turbocharged V6 engine, an upgraded interior, and styling nearly identical to the Z Proto concept we saw less than a year ago. And it will all cost "around $40,000," according to Nissan.

The Nissan Z comes in two flavors at launch: Sport and Performance, with a special Proto Spec option on the top-end model that draws inspiration from last year's well-received concept. On all models, the Z Proto’s pointed nose, squared-off grille, and retro LED light fixtures carry over, as do the details on the rear end. A black partition extends the length of the bumper, housing the horizontal LED taillights underneath, and a gloss black diffuser surrounds dual exhaust tips. Performance models feature a subtle rear spoiler as well.

2023 Nissan Z
2023 Nissan Z
2023 Nissan Z

The base Sport model wears 18-inch wheels and the Performance trim borrows its 19-inch rims from the Z Proto, while Nissan offers nine exterior color options at launch. Buyers can select from six two-tone paints, each with a contrasting black roof: Brilliant Silver, Boulder Gray, Seiran Blue, Ikazuchi Yellow, Passion Red, and Everest White. Or, Nissan offers three single-tone paint options: Black Diamond, Gun Metallic, and Rosewood Metallic.

The cabin blends modern technology and comfort with classic cues. The bucket seats mimic those found in the GT-R supercar, with standard black cloth or leather available on the Performance trim. The center stack features a dash-mounted cluster of analog gauges inspired by the 240Z, with readouts for turbocharger boost, turbocharger turbine speed, and a voltmeter. And front and center sits a standard 8.0-inch touchscreen display, while a larger 9.0-inch touchscreen with navigation and Wi-Fi is available on the Performance trim.

The Proto Spec, meanwhile, features a few unique elements on the exterior to tie it visually to the concept, like yellow-colored brake calipers and bronze 19-inch RAYS wheels, while the cabin dons a Proto Spec leather with yellow accents and suede inserts. Nissan is limiting the Z Proto Spec to just 240 examples (we see what you did there) in the US, and it's available exclusively as an option on the Performance trim.

2023 Nissan Z
2023 Nissan Z

Speaking of performance – a twin-turbocharged 3.0-liter V6 powers the new Z, and is good for a mighty 400 horsepower (298 kilowatts) and 350 pound-feet (475 newton-meters) of torque sent exclusively to the rear wheels. Those numbers represent an improvement of 68 hp (51 kW) and 80 lb-ft (108 nm) over the outgoing 370Z. And while Nissan doesn’t list an exact 0-60 time, the company says this new version should be 15 percent quicker to 60 than the car it replaces. By our math, that puts it in the high four-second mark.

A six-speed manual is the standard transmission, and it pairs with a high-performance clutch, baked-in rev-matching, and even a launch control system on the Performance model. Launch control and rev-matching also carry over to the optional nine-speed automatic transmission, as does a limited-slip differential. The Performance model also gets aluminum paddle shifters inspired by the GT-R.

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Although the new Z’s platform itself is essentially a carryover from the current 370, Nissan improved its structural rigidity, tweaked the suspension, added an electronic power steering with what the company promises is a “strong mechanical feel,” and fitted both trims with wider front tires. ​​The base 18-inch wheel wears Yokohama Advan Sport tires measuring in at 248/45 all around, while the 19-inch wheel on the Performance model features Bridgestone Potenza S007 tires at 255/40 front and 275/35 rear. The increase in grip improves cornering Gs by up to 13 percent.

Along with all that performance, Nissan added some necessary safety equipment to the mix. The Z offers standard automatic emergency braking with pedestrian detection, a blind-spot warning, a lane-departure warning, adaptive cruise control, and rear cross-traffic alert.

Nissan hasn’t announced things like pricing or availability, but we expect the new Z to start somewhere around the $40,000 mark. The new sports car will go on sale sometime early in 2022, and we can’t wait.


How much will the 2023 Nissan cost?

We don't know exactly, but Nissan execs told us it will start "around $40,000." That's a sweet deal for a car with 400 horsepower and a six-speed manual transmission out of the box. There are two trim levels, so that base price corresponds do the Sport model, while there's a more capable Performance model that will surely have a higher starting price. Lastly, a very limited edition version of the Performance model called Proto Spec will be the most expensive version of the Z and limited to just 240 units of production.

When will the 2023 Nissan Z go on sale?

Again, Nissan isn't giving us an exact on-sale date for the new Z, which is smart considering automotive manufacturing is hard to predict these days with parts shortages being the new norm. That said, Nissan has confirmed the Z will be a 2023 model year car, which tells us that it definitely won't go on sale before the end of 2021. Our best guess is a summer 2022 on-sale date.

How fast is the 2023 Nissan Z?

Nissan hasn't released any performance details yet. The only thing it has confirmed is that the new Z will be 13% quicker than the 370Z it replaces in regards to 0-60. While we know the new Z will have 400 horsepower and 350 pound-feet of torque, both big increases over the 370Z, we don't know it's weight, which could be a factor that limits how much faster it is. 

Will there be a new Nissan Z Nismo?

Nissan hasn't said anything about a Nismo version of the new 2023 Z, but we'd be surprised if they weren't working one as we speak. Considering Nissan currently makes Nismo versions of many of its models, including some that aren't even sports cars, logic tells us that a new Z Nismo is being worked. That said, we'd expect Nissan to hold the debut of a Nismo version for a year or so after the standard car's launch.

How much horsepower does the 2023 Nissan Z have?

The new Z has 400 horsepower and 350 pound-feet of torque thanks to its new twin-turbocharged 3.0-liter V6. That equals 68 hp and 80 lb-ft more than the outgoing 370Z. This single engine option is mated to a standard 6-speed manual or an optional 9-speed automatic with paddle shifter straight from the mighty GT-R!

2023 Nissan Z

Engine Twin-Turbo 3.0-liter V6
Output 400 Horsepower / 350 Pound-Feet
Drive Type Rear-Wheel Drive
Transmission 6-Speed Manual / 9-Speed Automatic
Brakes 14-inch front, 13.8-inch rear (max)
Height 51.8 inches
Length 172.4 inches
Width 72.6 inches
Ground clearance 4.8 inches
Weight TBD
Maximum speed TBD
Speed 0-60 MPH TBD
Efficiency TBD
Base Price "Around $40,000"
On Sale TBD
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