The Ford Transit Connect is compact by the American standards of commercial vans, so there's something beautiful about using the tiny amount of space to create a very stylish, little camper. The video offers a complete tour of the rig.

On the outside, this largely looks like any other Transit Connect you'd see on the road. The noticeable tweaks are a 100-watt solar panel and a fan.

The magic is on the inside. There's now wood paneling on the walls and laminate on the floor. The white and mint green color scheme keeps the cabin looking bright.

Along the driver's side, there's a long bench that doubles as a bed that pulls out to double the area's size. It measures 34 inches (86.36 centimeters) wide by 72 inches (182.9 centimeters) long. The cushions and bedding haven't arrived yet to complete the vehicle's build.

With the rear doors open, the platform for the bed reveals a pair of 110-volt outlets at its base. There's also a pull-out platform that could act as a table or food preparation area.

A platform next to the bed functions as a nightstand. Plus, if you open the lower section, there's a tiny cassette toilet inside.

There's a small counter and a sink with a six-gallon tank for the fresh and gray water. A magnetic hook allows for extending the faucet outside and using it as an outdoor shower. A drawer hides a tiny refrigerator/freezer.

A fantastic example of the clever use of space is in the front passenger seat. A custom-made divider creates two tiers of storage here if no one needs to occupy this place.

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