Honda last week gave us our first glimpse at the next-generation Civic Type R when it unveiled the 2022 Civic Hatchback. The five-door variant of the iconic compact has served as the Type R’s basis since the trim’s inception in 1997, and Honda is unlikely to change its ways now. The hatchback’s reveal has allowed KDesign AG to create two renderings that preview the look of the next-gen Civic Type R.

The renderings show a Honda with the usual Type R upgrades. The hatch wears the same aggressive front bumper on the current car, which sits below a red Honda badge and Type R branding in the narrow grille. It’s similar at the rear, with the busy bumper squeezed between the hatch and triple-outlet exhaust. A massive spoiler and red-accented side sills complete the look. However, spy shots of a camouflaged Type R suggested the model could receive subtler styling upgrades.

Gallery: Next-Gen Honda Civic Type Renderings

We’ll know more when the full reveal happens sometime next year, debuting alongside the Civic Hybrid. Little is known about the forthcoming Type R, though there’s plenty of speculation. Honda will offer it with only a manual gearbox, which will help deliver power to the front wheels. The Civic Hatchback is expected to use a turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder that should receive a modest power bump over the current engine’s 306-horsepower (228-kilowatt) output. Honda won’t be rewriting the formula. 

The renderings may not be completely accurate as to what the next-gen Type R will look like, but they do preview a sporty-looking hatch. Honda’s subdued design for the standard Civic hatch suggests the Type R will follow suit. Everything about the new Civic feels more mature than the outgoing model, which could restrain the next-gen Type R. However, an aggressive pair of bumpers and a wild wing can change the Civic’s design from quiet to quite loud with remarkable ease.

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