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The Ford Fusion is long gone in the United States, and the Mondeo ends production in Europe in 2022. The Blue Oval isn't completely abandoning the sedan market, though. A successor for the Mondeo is under development for Europe and is wearing heavy camouflage in these spy shots.

The upcoming model is reportedly related to the Ford Evos from China, but it adopts a more traditionally sedan-like shape. The tweaks include seemingly stretching the length and lowering the ride height.

Gallery: Ford Mondeo Or Fusion Successor Spy Photos

The closest styling similarities to the Evos are at the front. The translucent camouflage reveals a wide grille and skinny headlights in the corners. There's a narrow opening in the lower fascia that spans much of the vehicle's width.

In profile, there's a classic three-box sedan shape. The vehicle's long wheelbase allows the company to fit large doors.

The rear is particularly well camouflaged, but there's a glimpse of the taillights on each corner. There aren't exhaust pipes, but mufflers are visible underneath the tail. A rumor suggests the sedan would have a plug-in hybrid powertrain.

The Mondeo is still available in China and is even getting updates like a 12.8-inch vertical display running the Ford Sync4 infotainment software. There, it's available with a pair of turbocharged engines making 200 horsepower (149 kilowatts) and 180 hp (134 kW).

It's not clear whether this model would also replace the Mondeo in China. The current sedan is getting long in the tooth, so the decision would be understandable.

Gallery: Ford Fusion / Mondeo successor renderings

The rendering above attempts to take off the camouflage and imagine how this model actually looks. The sedan has a bold face and headlights. A prominent crease runs down the side of the body.

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