Changing consumer tastes have resulted in many models, some with rabid followings, heading to an early grave. No matter how cool or iconic a car is, dwindling sales often lead an automaker to discontinue the model. One model that’s disappeared, unlikely to return, was the Honda CRX. It departed back in 1991, replaced by the Honda del Sol, though an unofficial rendering from artist Rain Prisk reimagines what the two-seater could look like today.

The rendering looks like it was based on the CR-Z that was available from 2010 through 2016, which was the closest reimagining of the CRX from Honda since it discontinued the model. However, Prisk gave the rendering several CRX touches that help it stand out from its modern inspiration source. The rendering gives the car large rear passenger windows, which help add to the car’s sporty appearance and is a callback to the CRX’s own big slabs of glass.

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The sloping hood comes to a nice point over the aggressive front bumper, with a red Honda badge telling the world that this car means business. The thin-slit headlights are pushed to the edges of the front fascia, and they add to the car’s sleek appearance. Along the side, a sharp body crease runs from the front fender vent, under the door handle, and over the rear fender haunches, adding some definition to the car’s styling.

The likelihood of Honda resurrecting such a model anytime soon is next to nil. Small, two-seat cars from mainstream brands don’t sell well to today’s crossover-crazed consumers. However, the rendering does show that a modern and sleek two-seat Honda could certainly have the appearance chops to pay tribute to the iconic CRX, which was known for being small, affordable, fun to drive, and durable. The CRX’s best traits don’t draw in consumers anymore, who choose utility and functionality over fun and personable.

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