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The Toyota FJ Cruiser may be still available in markets like the UAE, but the rugged utility was discontinued in the United States a few years ago. Honestly, we miss it as it was a unique offering on market, combining unique styling cues and proper off-road capabilities. One thing it lacked, though, was an open-top version.

Sure, the convertible SUVs are not the most popular high-riding vehicles - and they have never been - but that's a niche segment that offers an off-road experience unlike any other. Perhaps, this is what the original owner of this FJ Cruiser thought when he called Newport Convertible Engineering back in 2008 and asked for a convertible conversion. This particular car is now for sale.

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The conversion includes a power-operated cloth soft top. This car is one of around 35 FJ convertibles made by the California-based company and the sticker price shows the conversion originally cost $15,995, which is around $20,000 in 2021. Currently listed for sale on Cars and Bids, the FJ Cruiser has had two owners and comes with a clean Carfax history report.

The convertible conversion is not the only modification to this FJ Cruiser. In addition, a set of 17-inch TRD wheels, as well as Bilstein struts, an Airlift rear air suspension system, and a locking center console, have been installed. The list of upgrades also includes rain guards on the windows, TRD antenna, FJ-branded metal door sill plates, remote engine starter, and others.

Under the hood, everything seems to be stock. The 4.0-liter V6 engine sends 239 horsepower and 278 pound-feet of torque to all four wheels through a five-speed automatic transmission. There’s also a two-speed transfer case.

And if you want the opinion of an expert, here’s what Doug DeMuro has to say about this particular vehicle: “As a connoisseur of SUV convertibles (since, inexplicably, I own two), this is the next logical step: convertible conversions, of which this is a fantastic one.”

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