The Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo offers up to 15.7 cubic feet (444.57 liters) of rear cargo space with the back seats up. If that's not enough storage, the German brand is introducing the Porsche Tequipment Performance roof box in May.

As a factory accessory, the roof box undergoes the meticulous engineering that Porsche gives its vehicles. The engineers even tested the shape in the wind tunnel. The company has certified the storage solution's ability to handle speeds up to 124 miles per hour (200 kilometers per hour). 

Gallery: Porsche Tequipment Performance Roof Box

"On its way to series maturity, it was driven on test tracks for several thousand kilometers as part of overall vehicle testing," said Jochen Schmid, director of Tequipment at Porsche.

The roof box has a teardrop shape, except for an upward curve at the rear. There is an embossed, silver Porsche logo at the back. The side blades can come in High-Gloss Black, Dolomite Silver Metallic, Carrara White Metallic, and Volcano Grey Metallic, or they are available in primer for an owner to paint them in whatever shade the person wants.

The roof box attaches to the Taycan's roof rails through a quick-fastening system with three securing straps. It can open on both sides and has a capacity of 16.95 cubic feet (480 liters). Porsche says there is enough room inside for five pairs of skis or three snowboards, and the area can hold up to 165.3 pounds (75 kilograms) of cargo.

Porsche will charge €1,150 ($1,380 at current exchange rates) for the roof box. Getting colored side blades will be an additional €350 ($420) or €200 ($240) for them in primer.

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