The Ford Maverick reportedly doesn't begin production until July, but imaginations are already running wild for a performance-focused Raptor variant of the little pickup. This rendering from the Maverick Truck Club forum imagines how the model might look.

Rather than the crossbar going through the upper portion of the grille, this one wears the bold FORD letters from the Raptor models. There's also a rugged lower fascia with a matching mesh design and fog lights in the corners. The fender flares stick out farther to cover the knobby tires for off-road work.

Gallery: Ford Maverick Raptor Rendering

The changes to the rear are less dramatic. A Raptor logo appears on the upper right section of the tailgate. There's a low-profile bumper that would improve the departure angle. From this perspective, it's easier to see the suspension lift, though.

Since the Maverick isn't even on sale yet, we don't know if a Raptor variant is part of the plan. A rumor indicates Ford is working on a Timberline grade that would be capable of light off-road work. The likely changes include tweaks to the suspension and a more rugged wheel/tire package.

The Maverick rides on the Ford C2 platform, which is also underneath the Bronco Sport and  Escape. Testing of the Bronco Sport shows that it can be quite capable off-road, so there's good reason to think that a properly outfitted Maverick could excel there, too.

At the other end of the lineup from the Raptor, the base Maverick is shaping up to be a very spartan truck. Instead of body-color exterior parts, there's unpainted plastic, and the pickup rides on steel wheels with skinny tires. Ford even takes out the sliding rear window to lower costs. Mechanically, the base model is front-wheel drive and has a twist-beam rear suspension. Starting prices could be below $20,000.

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