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Cadillac Vice President of North America Sales, Service, and Marketing Mahmoud Samara celebrated on LinkedIn about the milestone of pre-production testing of the Cadillac Lyriq now being underway at General Motors' test center in Michigan. The brand's premium, electric crossover goes into production in roughly a year during the first quarter of 2022.

The comparison below shows the pre-production model on the left and the photo on the right is the previously revealed version of the Lyriq. They are very similar. The pillars look a bit thicker. The rear wheel well doesn't appear to cut into the back door as much on the camouflaged car as on the other one. 

Cadillac Lyriq Pre-Production Image
2023 Cadillac Lyriq Rear

When Cadillac released the uncovered images of the Lyriq, it said the pictured vehicle was 85 percent finished. So the small tweaks visible on this pre-production model make sense.

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The Lyriq rides on a new modular electric platform and uses GM's Ultium batteries. Buyers can choose between a standard rear-wheel-drive layout or an available all-wheel-drive setup. Power outputs for these systems aren't yet available. The crossover gets a 100-kilowatt-hour battery pack that provides an estimated 300 miles of range.

Inside, the Lyriq has a massive 33.0-inch-diagonal bezel with three screens that runs from the left edge of the dashboard to around the center of the cabin. It combines instrument readouts and infotainment duties. Customers can also get tech like an augmented-reality head-up display and the Super Cruise driving assistance system.

Unlike other electric crossovers like the Ford Mustang Mach-E, the Lyriq does not have storage underneath the hood. The engineers decided to put things like the on-board charging modules and 12-volt battery there. For models with all-wheel drive, the motors take up this space, too.

GM President of North America Steve Carlisle said that the Lyriq's starting price was under $60,000. This is for the rear-drive model, and we don't know if Super Cruise is a standard feature, which would add to the cost.

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