James Glickenhaus has recently purchased the Ferrari 512S Modulo concept developed by Pininfarina.

Many consider the 1980 four-door Ferrari Pinin concept as being the most special car to wear the prancing horse logo but in reality it's probably a concept that came out a decade before. It was 1970 when the 512S Modulo was unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show, a 512S chassis and drivetrain wrapped around in a wedge-shaped body created by Pininfarina.

The one-off concept has now joined an already impressive collection owned by James Glickenhaus who also has numerous other precious automobiles, with the most popular ones being the P4/5 and P4/5 Competizione. He managed to convince Pininfarina to sell the Modulo concept at a yet undisclosed price tag and just like he did with the Dino Competizione, the 512S Modulo concept will actually go through some modifications in Europe to become roadworthy as Jim is known to drive all of his cars.

The 900 kg concept is 4480mm long, 2040mm wide and 935mm tall while the wheelbase stands at 2405mm. Power comes from a V12 5.0-liter engine generating 550 bhp (410 kW) working together with a five-speed manual gearbox. Only one was ever made so sky's the limit in terms of the price paid by James Glickenhaus.

Gallery: James Glickenhaus buys the spectacular Ferrari 512S Modulo from Pininfarina [video]

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