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Approximately a year ago, BMW unveiled the i4 Concept as a preview of a new all-electric production sedan from the brand. Later in 2020, it was confirmed the final product will be unveiled this year and it turns out we are just a day away from seeing the all-new i4.

BMW has just confirmed it will reveal the i4 tomorrow and has released a single teaser image of the EV sedan. The information was first reported by BMW Blog, which heard it from Frank Weber, board member in charge of R&D at BMW, but literally a few hours later the automaker confirmed the news itself.


The teaser image doesn’t reveal much, though it basically confirms what we already knew. The production i4 will be very close to the design of the i4 Concept and we expect just some little tweaks, including slightly different headlights and possibly other smaller touches. 

There’s a short text accompanying the image, which highlights that this new vehicle will become a whole “new era” for the manufacturer. This is most likely related to the fact that the i4 will reportedly rely on a new generation of batteries. Early numbers suggest the power output could be as much as 530 horsepower (390 kilowatts) in the range-topping models.

Speaking of the flagship model, it was officially confirmed in September last year. The i4 M will be a performance EV, though it won’t dethrone the M3 and M4 from being the brand’s performance kings in the segment. 

All (or at least, almost all) should be unveiled tomorrow. Stay tuned for the livestream of the big premiere at some point during the day on March 17, followed shortly after by our detailed i4 debut article.

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