The Lincoln Continental is dead, and as sad that news is for the fans of the large luxury sedan, it's the final nail in the coffin for three-box sedans in the US under Ford Motor Company.

Apparently, Abimelec Design on Facebook is a fan of the nameplate, even calling the Continental "one of the best looking cars to come out of Detroit in recent years." The page, which we usually see making classic takes on modern cars, has released a series of renderings of the Continental as a homage to its demise, albeit, looking differently from its normal premium appeal.

Gallery: Slammed Lincoln Continental Renderings by Abimelec Design

For this rendering, Abimelec wants a "laying frame" look, so the Continental's slammed to the floor and is fitted with a set of polished Detroit Steel Wheel Co. rims. For what it's worth, we like the lowered height in combination with the steel wheels. They complement the satin black paint color for that "don't mess with me" look.

Even better, Abimelec envisions a purple cabin for this Lincoln Continental, complete with dark oak wood inserts, further amplifying the mafia look of the car. Maybe it's just me but this fits right perfectly into a Gotham setting as Penguin's personal ride.

Quite fitting, as Continentals of the old days are usually used by mafias (at least in the movies) and this would be a solid interpretation of its classic counterpart. Think about it – just add suicide doors and Tommy guns, and you have yourself a good-looking mafia car.

The last Lincoln Continental has rolled off the assembly line for the third time. It may be a long shot to wish for a comeback but who knows, maybe a decade from now sedans will go back into fashion.

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