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As interesting as 2020 was for the world, 2030 could be as impactful, most especially for the automotive industry. With the exception of Jaguar, which will be electrifying things half-a-decade early, several carmakers have already announced the move to selling battery-powered exclusively come the beginning of the next decade.

Volvo has long been in this EV train, followed by Bentley, and then Ford of Europe that announced its plans to go fully electric just last month. Now, it seems like Mini is hopping on to the bandwagon if we're going to believe Automotive News Europe's sources who are privy to the matter.

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According to the unnamed sources, the automaker is intensifying its transition to battery-powered cars. One of them even said that the last combustion-engine-powered Mini will come out in 2025, while the British automaker expects half of its sales to be electric by 2027. Come 2030, the BMW-owned company will exclusively produce battery-electric vehicles, Automotive News Europe reports.

We're pretty sure we're not alone in this notion but we think this is hardly a surprise. The popularity of electric vehicles, especially in Europe, has drastically increased within the past few years, and it's just an expected business decision to comply with what the market wishes.

Then again and as always, take these rumors with a healthy dash of salt at this point as nothing has been confirmed. In any case, we may be able to confirm the rumor soon as one of the informants said that BMW CEO Oliver Zipse will be announcing the plan on March 17, along with the company's annual report.

For now, it might be a good idea to start embracing a future filled with electric vehicles if you haven't done so already. 

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