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Our spy photographers have caught the next-generation Mercedes C-Class countless times over the last year. The evolutionary design direction has meant Mercedes has used little camouflage to conceal the updated model. The automaker has even previewed the radically redesigned interior. However, as the model’s premiere nears – scheduled for February 23 – Mercedes has released a teaser image previewing the new sedan and wagon.

The teaser image is a profile shot of each, with the sedan in front of the wagon. The image shows little, though, as both cars are draped in silhouette. The wagon sits a bit taller than the sedan, which could hint at the high-riding All-Terrain version that’s been caught out testing. Or Mercedes could have staggered the two in the photo to give each model proper recognition. The teaser reveals a pair of cars that look similar to what Mercedes offers today, as the company looks to retain much of the C-Class’s exterior styling. More significant changes happen underneath the sheet metal.

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The familiar appearance hides a slightly larger model. It gets 2.5 inches longer while the wheelbase increases by just over an inch. This translates to small interior gains – an extra inch of rear legroom and a half-inch increase in headroom. Inside, the C-Class takes inspiration from the new S-Class, installing a fully digital 12.3-inch instrument cluster and a 12.8-inch touchscreen that houses the second-generation MBUX infotainment software. The info screen sits above the slate of physical controls.

Powertrains will be kept to four-cylinder units as the new car doesn’t have a long enough engine bay to fit an inline-six. That includes the hotter AMG models, which will likely sport hybrid turbocharged four-cylinder engines that could make more than 500 horsepower (372 kilowatts), which should help make up for the lack of cylinders. Another change will be the gearbox – the nine-speed auto will be the only transmission choice. Mercedes will reveal the new C-Class on February 23.

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