The Ford Bronco configurator has an update to make the Cactus Gray color look more accurate on your screen. The new look has less of a blue hue that is apparently closer to how the paint appears in the real world. The image with the slider below lets you compare them with the tweaked appearance on the left and the original on the right.

The difference is significant. The new image reflects a paint color that actually appears gray. The older one is closer to seafoam blue.

Ford Bronco Cactus Gray Configurator New
Ford Bronco Cactus Gray Configurator Original

Ford Product Communications Manager Mike Levine posted about the change on Twitter. He and people replying to the tweet attached real-world images of Cactus Gray. What's interesting is that how this paint appears is very dependent on the lighting conditions. Under daylight, the blue hues become much more prevalent.

Ford Bronco Paint Colors On Gas Cans
Ford Bronco Paint Colors On Gas Cans In Shade

As an example of how the color can change, the images above come from Ford's display of the Bronco's paint options under sunlight and in the shade. Unfortunately, the hues are not in the same order in the two pictures, but you can see that there's nothing matching the bluish tinge of Cactus Gray on the left in the picture on the right. 

Depending on the conditions, it seems like either of Ford's images of Cactus Gray could be an accurate depiction of the color.

If the 11 colors currently available on the Bronco don't fit your style, then just wait until the 2022 model year. Ford already confirms that a shade of green is joining the lineup, which is a hue not currently available on the SUV. In addition, it's possible that Cyber Orange could go away.

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