Modern technology makes it easier than ever to add a personal touch to your vehicle nowadays. Whether it be a respray, a dip, or a wrap, the possibilities are almost endless. As such, Fonzie of DipYourCar showcases on video what temperature-sensitive paint looks like on an Audi A4.

We’d be remiss not to mention that these zany paint jobs aren’t everyone's cup of tea – yeah, big surprise. However, before you click away in distaste, the science involved in such a complex paint job is actually really interesting.

It’s probably been a while since you’ve seen a mood ring, but the paint featured in the video here functions using the same principle. Just like the ring, the automotive application involves the use of thermotropic liquid crystals which produce different colors at various temperatures. Unlike most of the heat-sensitive paint jobs you’ve seen before which use thermochromic pigments, this variant is much more sensitive – producing a greater range of color.

After a base coat of plastidip was applied, the team sprayed on eight coats of the special paint to produce the desired effect. Right from the moment it left the spray booth, the car began to transform into a kaleidoscope of color. Just as you’d expect, the finish produces a pseudo thermal camera effect and changes right before your eyes when you interact with it.

As cool as the end result looks, Fonzie was quick to mention that this is simply a fun test to see what is possible; for long-term use, he said it would be advisable to put down another layer of sealer to protect the finish from regular wear and tear. Semantics aside, it was certainly impressive to see the mood ring effect on a car. 

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