This Florida car needs a new home.

No one would call the Dodge Challenger small, though the car isn’t optimized for backseat passengers. Legroom is cramped in the rear, and adults wouldn’t be comfortable for long hauls. But what do you do if you need more room but love the Challenger look? You make it into a limousine, which is now for sale on eBay for a surprisingly cheap $32,500.

The large brute features more than just more legroom, though. The builder opted to give the limo gullwing doors – two for the rear-most passengers and one midship on the passenger side. The super-extended wheelbase added 140 inches to the car, making the Dodge 11 feet, 8 inches long. The Dodge normally measures 197 inches in length. All that extra sheet metal between the wheels makes for a roomy, though fairly underwhelming rear-seat space.

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Inside, it looks like a typical limousine. There’s a bench seat set at the rear with another pushed against the driver’s compartment. Between them is a long, sideways bench facing a wall of entertainment. There’s the bar, speakers installed in the headrests, and a large TV. The ad does note that the car’s title lists flood damage, though, according to the seller, the event happened seven years ago at a dealership that claimed every car had water damage even though water had reached about six inches deep. The seller built the limousine and noted in the ad that there hadn’t been any issues.

According to The Drive, the Challenger packs a Pentastar 3.6-liter V6, with 79,500 miles on the odometer. The $32,500 is a steal when you consider the cost to build the elongated car – $175,000. The long-wheelbase Challenger limo is sure to turn heads, which could help a just-starting business make its mark. It certainly looks wild.

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