It was back in October 2019 when Jaguar joined the virtual race car league with the Vision Gran Turismo and now they’re at it again with a hardcore version. Gaining the Lamborghini-esque “SV” suffix, the imaginary racer is heading to a PlayStation near you from 2021 with a spectacular blend of classic and futuristic lines.

Jaguar says its low-slung electric hypercar has C-Type, D-Type, XJR-9 and XJR-14 design cues all rolled into one, but with an avant-garde twist to suit a hypothetical race car of the future. The Vision Gran Turismo SV was developed exclusively in the virtual world with technology borrowed from Formula E and then fine-tuned using the latest simulation tools.

Gallery: Jaguar Vision Gran Turismo SV

The specs sheet has some mind-blowing numbers as the four electric motors develop a combined output of 1,877 horsepower (1,400 kilowatts) and a whopping 3,360 Newton-meters (2,478 pound-feet) of instant torque. Jaguar did the math and came up with a 0 to 60 mph (96 km/h) time in only 1.65 seconds en route to a maximum speed of 255 mph (410 km/h).

These official renderings don’t necessarily paint an accurate picture regarding the car’s sheer size. The Vision Gran Turismo SV is an imposing 5.54 meters (218.1 inches) long, thus making it 861 mm (33.9 inches) longer than last year’s virtual concept. The significant stretch has not impacted the wheelbase, which has been carried over, at 2.72 meters (107 inches).

Compared to the non-SV variant, the hotter derivative comes with a newly designed front splitter and deployable rear wing to lower the drag coefficient to 0.398, which is quite the feat for a race car. The aero upgrades contribute to 483 kilograms of downforce when the zero-emissions virtual machine is doing 200 mph (322 km/h).

The all-wheel-drive EV racer with its impossibly low roofline has a real-life correspondent in the shape of a fullsize scale model built by Jaguar’s design team. As with the other Gran Turismo concepts, it has zero chances of entering production as it was conceived with the sole purpose of being featured in Polyphony Digital’s video game. Time will tell whether we’ll see it in GT Sport and/or the upcoming GT7.

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