In production since 1979, the G-Class is undoubtedly one of the most capable SUVs out there. Even though most current owners never really test it off the beaten path, that hasn’t stopped Mercedes from keeping all the off-road goodies for the latest generation. The boxy vehicle is the same reputable rock-crawling machine you’re used to, just with a lot more tech and luxury thrown in for good measure.

Mercedes is in a festive mood as the iconic G-Wagen is celebrating an important production milestone. Magna Steyr has assembled the 400,000th vehicle at its plant in Graz, Austria where the 300,000th G was manufactured back in July 2017. You’d think demand would take a hit because of the vehicle’s steep asking price, a plethora of luxury SUVs, and a retro look not for everyone. However, nothing could be further from the truth as Mercedes’ production partner says its production capacity can’t match the strong customer demand.

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The G-Class has a bright future up ahead, not just because Mercedes has previously announced a fully electric version is planned to arrive later this decade. Spy shots have revealed a new 4x42 variant is coming, complete with portal axles and all the ground clearance you’ll ever need. While the AMG G65 is not coming back because the V12 is now Maybach-only, the peeps from Affalterbach will likely spruce up the brick-shaped SUV beyond the already potent V8-powered G63. In addition, there's also Brabus to scratch your AMG G65 itch.

The current G-Class has been in production since the summer of 2018 and this particular example will be delivered to a customer living in Rhineland in western Germany. Not just any customer, but a certain individual that happens to be a huge fan of the G and a long-term client with around 20 models in possession. He even has a G-related motto: “I can’t be without the G.”

Mercedes is making it easier than ever for future owners to configure the ideal G-Class through the G Manufaktur program unlocking greater customization options. It’s already proving to be a popular option as approximately 60 percent of G-Class buyers are spending extra money through this program to configure the right spec.

For those willing to go all out with their G-Class buying experience, Mercedes has set up a test site dubbed G-Class Experience Center near Graz in Austria where drivers can fully discover the SUV’s capabilities both on and off road.

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