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Tires are one of the most important parts of a car’s performance and the only part of your vehicle that supposed to touch the ground. Recently, these underappreciated engineering marvels have received some viral coverage when Youtuber, Warped Perception, placed a GoPro inside of a tire, and drove around. This unique perspective shows how much abuse tires handle every single day during normal driving. Today, Warped Perception is going to see what the inside of a tire looks like when you actively abuse them during a burnout.
A burnout in its most basic form is the act of spinning a car’s driven tires at speed when the car itself remains stationary. This clinical description of an exciting action may take away some of the wow factor, but it’s important when understand our topic before proceeding. During a burnout, a car’s tires can reach over 400F depending on the length and ferocity of the burnout. These high temperatures are caused by the friction of the rubber against the road surface.

So, what happens inside of a tire that you’re actively working to turn into plumes of white smoke for fun? Well, much like the depth of the ocean during a hurricane, the surface is disturbed but the experience is surprisingly serene. The tire deforms slightly to absorb a road imperfection under the tire, but otherwise, everything seems quite calm. That is until the tire delaminates and then explodes. Then the tire fills with debris and smoke and almost breaks the GoPro filming the incident.
Tires are an incredible engineering marvel and seeing them from the inside gives an entirely new perspective toward tire appreciation. New shot of cars in action show hut how robust they are to handle the road and also a little hooning for car appreciation.  

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