It's been pretty much nothing but smiles for Ford this week as the Bronco finally makes its return. Heck, it almost makes us forget that the past few months have been rough on the auto industry. While product timelines may have shifted all across the globe, we're still getting a healthy amount of information from various manufacturers and resourceful websites and individuals. The next big thing from Ford seems to be a hint at another new vehicle reveal for 2021. Spotted during a fireside chat between the automotive manufacturer and Bank of America, slide 11 of the presentation highlights vehicles to be assembled at the Michigan and Hermesillo plants, and a covered-up vehicle called "Whitespace".

Ford Announces New Model Launch For 2021, Is It The Maverick Small Truck?

Muscle Cars & Trucks was quick to pick up on this story, and they're pretty confident that this is definitely the Ford Maverick. Ford has been keen on reviving nameplates, and this time, the Maverick will likely return as a small pickup truck, positioning itself below the Ranger. Muscle Cars & Trucks also points out that the pickup truck segment has grown both in size and in price over the years, stating the lack of smaller pickups like the early Ford Ranger and Dodge Dakota. The supposed "whitespace" vehicle aims to fill that empty segment, and, if it happens to be the Maverick pickup, Ford will be the first to occupy that vacancy. 

Rumors have also stated that the Ford Maverick pickup will be based on the same platform as the Ford Bronco Sport. While the unibody architecture is not exactly what we all expect from a truck-based product, it could find itself a nice place in the lineup, serving those who want the look and decent utility, without sacrificing too much road-manners and comfort. Of course, we'll have to wait and see. Ford could very well have another success story on their hands. 

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