The small SUV market is expanding. By that, we’re talking really small – below subcompact to be specific. Jeep holds a special spot in the hierarchy, as its history in the segment extends back decades, long before the term sport-utility vehicle was ever used. A new Jeep is likely coming in 2022 that will fill those ultra-small shoes, and here’s our exclusive take on how it might look.

You might be surprised to see very little resemblance to Jeep’s current small offering, the Renegade. This model will slot beneath the Renegade, but we don’t think it will share a similar design structure. That’s because things have changed at Jeep’s parent company FCA in recent months, particularly with regards to the FCA-PSA merger. Jeep now has access to small platforms from the likes of Peugeot and Opel, not to mention Fiat.

That’s significant, because it’s quite possible the new Jeep will only be offered in Euro and Asian markets. Giving it a face more akin to larger Jeep models like the Cherokee could help set the SUV apart in a segment often referred to as cute ‘utes. In this instance, inspiration for the design also comes from the Jeep Yuntu concept vehicle that was revealed at Auto Shanghai back in 2017.

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That is also significant, because rumors suggest the new sub-sub compact Jeep could offer some form of electrification. Plug-in hybrid powertrains could be in the mix, as well as full-on EV variants. The Yuntu was presented as a plug-in hybrid model, so there’s certainly some symmetry in recasting the SUV – which was designed as a large three-row vehicle – into a small, highly efficient offering.

Rumors have this new Jeep arriving sometime in 2022. Would buyers step up for our design, or might something closer to the Renegade more desirable? Share your thoughts with us below.

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