Simply by looking at the thumbnail, we can clearly see this isn’t an ordinary Tesla Model 3. First and foremost, it’s the hotter Performance version, but what makes it truly special are the many mods the electric sedan has gone through. The standard wheels have been swapped out to make room for a 21-inch Vossen set with skinny tires complemented by a KW suspension setup bringing the vehicle closer to the road for a more aggressive stance.

Featured by Archie Hamilton Racing on YouTube, the Model 3 Performance also boasts a full body wrap and a subtle carbon fiber package with a discreet trunk lid spoiler for added downforce at the rear axle. The pièce de résistance will create quite the controversy as the EV has been fitted with an artificial sound generator for those who want the noise of a combustion engine in their otherwise silent vehicles.

Milltek Sport has been developing exhaust systems since 1983 and they’re also offering a product called Active Sound Control for various models, ranging from a Ford Ranger to an Audi Q7. They’ve also been working on a similar product for the Tesla Model 3 to give drivers the opportunity to simply pick from several engine noises through a smartphone app. There are a total of 10 selectable audio files to choose from, with even a Star Wars tune in the works for Sci-Fi fans.

It costs around £1,200 (nearly $1,600 at current exchange rates) and is configurable in the sense you can make it quieter or louder and adjust the pitch depending on what you want. According to Milltek Sport, the Active Sound Control “algorithmically calculates the relationship between road, speed, throttle position, and power” to make the faux exhaust sound as close to the real thing as possible.

While some would say this system defeats the purpose of buying an electric car, others do miss the throaty soundtrack of a V8 or they simply want to cover wind and tire noises that become more intrusive in an EV.

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