Do you like the new Cadillac Escalade but feel it’s too practical? Do you miss the days when you could own a stylish coupe? Well, we have a render just for you. A Cadillac Escalade with only two doors or a forbidden coupe we’ll never see as a production vehicle. Although it’s impractical, this rendering has us dreaming of a world full of two-door SUVs. 

For some reason, two-door SUVs never survive. Look back at Ford Explorer Coupe, the Blazer/Jimmy Coupe, the Jeep Cherokee Coupe, or even that strange Ranger Rover concept that almost made it to production. When it comes to SUVs, the customer wants something practical and eliminating rear doors in the name of styling is simply not practical. When it comes to cars with two doors, a true coupe is usually built in the name of performance. Today, automakers have transformed what a coupe actually is. 


Take for example the glut of 4-door coupes. BMW, for example, builds a car called the 4-Series Gran Coupe which is a 4-door version of a 2-door version of a 4-door car. This may sound like made up hyperbole and I wish it wasn’t true but the word coupe is virtually meaningless in today’s world. Automakers seem to believe that any car with a sloping rear roofline is a coupe.

If Cadillac would ever build a coupe version of the Escalade SUV it would certainly have 4-doors. Instead, based on current trends, Cadillac would simply change up the styling and remove some practicality from the cargo space in the name of styling. Sure it’s more practical, but that’s not a real coupe. Instead, this rendering of an Escalade with only 2-doors is the forbidden fruit we wish Cadillac would build. 

Would you buy a 2-door Escalade?

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