A ramp that pivots. It's hard to top that.

There are two types of tow trucks – those that bring justified misery to those who parked illegally, and those that you need to transport your precious ride to a location, probably a car show, without adding miles to its odometer.

Since we're not doing anything this weekend, we tried to look for the best tow truck on the internet. We saw one, but it's more of the former and something that you wouldn't want to see next to your car. This tow truck, equipped with IMET radio remote control, is more of the latter, and we really think that this is the best tow truck in the world, on merits of suave alone.

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The IMET radio remote control is used in recovery and tow trucks. It comes with a mechanically controlled mechanism that allows its ramp to extend and contract while having the capability to pivot in several directions.

With that alone, vehicle loading and unloading are both a cinch as they're not limited to one direction. That's pretty useful when you're not sure how the unloading bays would look like on a car show, taking out the element of an unwanted surprise.

Now, in case you're asking, yes, it can tow without loading the car on the flatbed using a retractable tow arm and hitch, which can be used for cars parked illegally. It isn't as cool as the side snatching samples we've seen, but it still does the trick. Plus, it's remote-controlled, so there's that.

It's unclear if the IMET radio remote control products are available in the U.S. as its website caters more to European countries. If you're interested, don't hesitate to contact them.

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