The Mercedes-Benz G-Class is known for being rather capable off-road, while also offering luxurious accommodations inside. AMG-tuned models are also known for being stupid fast and defying the laws of physics for something of such size. This particular creation doesn’t wield AMG firepower, but there is a cutout in the roof where real firepower can pepper bad guys. And if they return fire, the armor on this urban-assault Merc should be able to handle it.

Folks, say hello to the Gruma Enok P1, and in case you haven’t already figured it out, this isn’t your normal G-Class. Built by Gruma Automobile GmbH in association with Armored Car Systems, it’s designed for duties a bit more ambitious than a standard G500 might otherwise encounter. The German military already uses something like this, but the P1 is a civilian model with an eye towards personal security.

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Among other things, the swanky G-Class interior is still in full effect, right down to leather materials with contrast stitching and carbon fiber trim. There’s also a 416-horsepower (310-kilowatt) 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8 under the hood where a 3.0-liter diesel might otherwise be. It’s not AMG G63 quick, but it should still move along with reasonable gusto.

We say reasonable because it is burdened with some extra weight. Specific details of the P1’s armor aren’t available, but reports explain the passenger compartment is steel-reinforced and protected to withstand assault rifle fire as well as anti-tank ordinance. The windows are also replaced with bullet-proof materials, and it rides on armored Beadlock wheels with big 37-inch tires. Along with portal axles underneath for the four-wheel-drive undercarriage, this armored Merc certainly doesn’t need roads to find emergency escape routes.

Price or performance stats aren’t available, but for high-value executives who need to navigate a warzone going to and from the office, we suspect money is no object. 

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