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A fresh batch of spy photos provides the best look yet at the upcoming four-door Land Rover Defender 110 and two-door Defender 90. In addition to seeing their exteriors once again, these shots check out their rear suspension layouts and even take a peek in the cabin.

Gallery: 2020 Land Rover Defender Spy Photos

Jaguar isn't ready to strip off much camouflage from the outside of these upcoming SUVs. They both feature boxy, chiseled proportions that offer a modernized take on the long-lived original. 

The photos underneath the Defenders reveal something new about them. The 110 uses an air suspension at the rear axle, and the bags are visible in these pictures. The front end isn't visible here, but we'd expect it to use the same setup. 

The Defender 90 uses a simpler setup with coil springs at the rear axle and likely at the front, too. At this point, it's not clear whether the air suspension would be an option on both models and this test mule simple doesn't have the system. Alternatively, the tech could be available only on the larger 110.

These SUVs have fabric panels for concealing the dashboard out of the way, and the surroundings look fairly high tech in there. There's a digital dashboard, and the steering wheel features capacitive controls. A wide infotainment display sits next to the wheel. Below the screen, the joystick-shaped gearshift is on the left, and physical HVAC controls are on the right.

The new Defender will debut in September and will likely have a public display at the Frankfurt Motor Show. Models at launch will reportedly get a 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder. Hybrid and diesel versions should come later. Sales will start in Europe and Australia in early 2020, and the Defender will come in America later that year.

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