Jaguar has released a helpful YouTube video explaining, in detail, the optimal driving position. This position not only emphasizes sound posture and ergonomics, it also optimizes safety and control. Even if you're perfectly comfortable with how you sit in your car now, the video is worth a watch.

Should you ever visit the Jaguar Works in Coventry and, say, slip in a puddle of oil or accidentally close your hand in a car door (hey, it's happened to a few of us here), know that you're in the very capable hands of Dr. Steve Iley, Jaguar's Chief Medical Officer. With his help, Jaguar will explain how to properly situate yourself for driving.

The first tip, while admittedly elementary in retrospect, surprised us. Remove items from your pockets, as it will affect driving position. This isn't a big problem, as most modern cars feature a bevy of cubbies and compartments for the belongings you carry every day.

Next, it's important to make sure that you're sitting as far back in the seat as possible before ensuring that your back is straight, perpendicular to the car's chassis with your entire back touching the seat. In addition, the top of your headrest and the top of your head should be even.

Your knees and elbows should be bent slightly to control the pedals and the steering wheel. When you turn the wheel, your shoulders should still be touching the back of the seat.

In just a few minutes sitting in your driveway, you can make a dramatic change in your control, comfort, and confidence behind the wheel. While it's not the sort of video we'd expect put of a car manufacturer, we're glad that they decided to share this useful information with us.

Source: Jaguar on YouTube


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