German tuner Pogea Racing is no stranger to Alfa Romeo 4C upgrades, having released multiple packages for the lightweight mid-engined coupe in recent years. Their latest kit is also arguably the best as it takes the rear-wheel-drive machine to new heights in terms of power and to new lows as far as weight is concerned. The new program goes by the name of “Zeus” and brings a multitude of improvements to turn the 4C into a tuner’s vision of a Quadrifoglio version that Alfa refuses to develop.

We will begin with the most important – power. Alfa's turbocharged four-cylinder 1.75-liter engine is no longer developing the standard 237 hp and 258 pound-feet (350 Newton-meters) of torque as it’s been massaged to unlock a mighty 346 hp at 6,100 rpm and 338 lb-ft (458 Nm) from 2,800 rpm. The added oomph was gained by installing a modified turbocharger, upgraded high-pressure pump and injectors, plus a stainless steel exhaust with carbon tips.

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The massive jump in output of 109 hp and 80 lb-ft (108 Nm) has shaved off 1.1 seconds from the 0-62 mph (0-100 kph) sprint, which now takes as little as 3.4 seconds. Top speed has also dramatically increased from the series 160 mph (258 kph) to an impressive 189 mph (304 kph) after getting from 62 mph (100 kph) to 124 mph (200 kph) in 8.1 seconds.

Aside from packing a lot more power than the stock model, Zeus is also considerably lighter as Pogea Racing was able to shave off about 100 kilograms (220 pounds) by making extensive use of carbon fiber. Without the sound system but with a full tank of gas, this car painted in the tuner’s own Kenny Blue shade tips the scales at a remarkable 904 kilograms (1,993 pounds).

Looking more aggressive thanks to the prominent wing at the back, the heavily modified Alfa Romeo 4C Coupe received the tuner’s own 18-inch front and 19-inch rear wheels complemented by a coilover suspension developed together with KW. The center of gravity has been reduced by as much as 50 mm (nearly two inches) and that should pay dividends in terms of handling. To avoid damaging the underside of the front bumper, there’s a nifty hydraulic lift system to raise the nose of the car.

Stepping inside the cabin, Zeus gets Bentley-style black Nappa leather with orange accents inspired by Lamborghini and combined with perforated leather surfaces derived from Porsches. If you can’t do without the sound system mentioned earlier, the Alpine setup comes bundled with a subwoofer and a reversing camera. The Gulf theme is a nice touch, as are the velour floor mats and the 12 o’clock marker on the steering wheel.

Pogea Racing is making 10 examples of the Zeus, but three of them have already been built and delivered to their rightful owners. If you want to claim one of the remaining seven cars, the starting price is €50,100 (about $56,850 at current exchange rates), but bear in mind it doesn’t include the donor car.

Source: Pogea Racing

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Pogea Racing presents ZEUS: the third development stage of the Alfa Romeo 4C.

Without question: POGEA RACING has long been at the forefront of the well known premium tuner. The most recent example of the extensive knowledge and production range of the Friedrichshafen-based company on Lake Constance is the fully optimised Alfa Romeo 4C: the ZEUS. Whether it is the chassis, wheel rims, engine, interior or aerodynamics, POGEA leaves no screw unturned and refines the Italian speedster to the furthest corners of its carbon monocoque.

Even during the design process, POGEA perfectly coordinates the individual components of the ultralight carbon aerodynamics with the body design of the two-seater. The result is ultimate style teamed with optimum air flow around the vehicle along with a 100 kilogram weight saving across the vehicle range. The newly designed front spoiler alone with its expanded front splitter creates a far more dynamic look, while optimizing the aerodynamics. The sides also benefit from an upgrade: Striking side skirts with additional cooling for engine and gearbox oil, combined with side spoilers, create a prominent appearance. The SCOOP structure instead of a rear window as well as the side fins optimise the engine’s ventilation system. The newly designed rear spoiler with its diffusor, lower splitter and centrally located exhaust pipes as well as the distinctive rear wings complete the sporty overall appearance of the Kenny Blue body design.

In addition to its sensational look, the engine department has developed a powerful and stable performance increase. The end result from optimised motor and gearbox management, modified turbochargers, altered high pressure pump and injectors, ceramic clutch discs and an acoustically stunning MONSTER exhaust gas system, are significantly enhanced engine performance and sprint power. Now with 351HP / 258kW and 458Nm, the four-cylinder turbo engine of the ZEUS accelerates in a breathtaking 3.4 seconds (series: 4.5S) to 100 km/h. The sprint from 100 to 200 kilometres per hour is reduced to 8.1 seconds. And the top speed also benefits from the POGEA refinements. The ZEUS is now able to accelerate up to 304 km/h - the series model gives way to air resistance at just 258 km/h.

The following components incorporated into the ZEUS vehicle are specifically tailored to handle the increased engine performance: The POGEA RACING V23 coil over suspension, in partnership with KW, consists of four adjustable shock absorbers for tension, pressure, and hardness in union with four progressively developed lowering springs. This reduces the vehicle's centre of gravity by up to 50 millimetres compared to the series, making it ideal for use on roads and race tracks.

Ultralight, POGEA ORBI5 forged wheels measuring 8.5 x 18” and 9.5 x 19” with Pilot Sport 4S tyres by Michelin are used in the front axle 225/40 ZR18 and rear axle 265/35 ZR19.

In the interior, POGEA has created a command and control centre which perfectly combines functionality and comfort. The sports steering wheel with its 12 o'clock marker and optimised lateral supports on the newly designed sports seats guarantee full control over the vehicle during spirited driving. At the same time, the interior oozes pure luxury. Virtually all of the interior cladding components are masterfully upholstered with light blue and orange leather or Alcantara. Precisely embroidered logos in the velour floor mats add the perfect finish to the look. For entertainment and comfort, POGEA has installed a premium hi-fi system as well as a TFT reversing camera and HLS system for adjusting the height of the front suspension.

Anyone interested in owning a ZEUS will have to hurry. Three of the ten limited exclusive conversions units have sold already. The Pogea Racing ZEUS starts from €50,100 ex Friedrichshafen works including the assembly and paint finish. This does not include VAT and the Alfa Romeo 4C basic vehicle.



POGEA RACING ZEUS based on the Alfa Romeo 4C


Aerodynamics:                                       All components in carbon fibre, “Made in Germany”,

with partial visible carbon fibre.


Front spoiler with enlarged front splitter, rear spoiler with integrated air vents, side skirts with additional cooling for oil and gearbox oil, side spoiler on the sill, diffuser with lower splitter and central exit for exhaust tips, DF35 carbon rear spoiler with base made from ultralight, milled Kevlar, mirror housing, SCOOP design instead of rear window for massive cooling of the engine, side fins for the ventilation of the engine compartment, engine cover made from carbon, orange silicone tubing to match the design.


Paintwork:                                             Kenny Blue (Pogea Racing own blend from 2006)

with HS VOC by GLASURIT Superior Clear paint in 12 coats by Sahin Color in Ulm.


Wheels:                                                   POGEA ORBI5 bidirectional forged wheels

                                                                Front axle 8.5 x 18

                                                                Rear axle 9.5 x 19


Tyres:                                                     MICHELIN PILOT SPORT 4S

                                                                Front axle 225/40ZR18

                                                                Rear axle 265/35ZR19


Power increase:                                     351 HP / 258 kW at 6,100 rpm

                                                                458 Nm at 2,800 rpm


Technology:                                            Modified turbocharger, adjusted air flow, cooling and suction

                                                                Modified high pressure pump and injectors, 200CPI HJS Euro 6 Downpipe with EEC approval

Valve-controlled 76mm MONSTER stainless steel exhaust with carbon tail pipes, 1,4828 heat insulated POGEA V23 coil over suspension by KW with height, tension, pressure and hardness adjustment, braided steel brake lines, ceramic clutch discs for the TCT gearbox including speed-shift software for the STAGE 3 gearbox electronics, additional oil cooler for gearbox and engine


Performance:                                         0-100 km/h           3.4 secs

                                                                100-200 km/h      8.1 secs

                                                                V/max                    304 km/h


Vehicle weight:                                       904kg after modification measures without HiFi and full tank


Original weight:                                      1007kg with a full tank


Interior:                                                 Fully modified seats with central opening on the lower seat cushion, all vehicle components finished in leather or Alcantara. All components are accentuated in light blue/orange colours.

  • Black Nappa leather by Bentley
  • perforated leather by Porsche
  • light blue Alcantara Gulf design
  • orange leather by Lamborghini
  • Velour floor mats with light blue stitching and nubuck edging as well as stitched logo
  • Steering wheel with 12 o’clock marker

Miscellaneous:                                                        Premium HiFi system with the following components:

Alpine Radio X702D-F, ArcAudio: ARC8D2v3 Subwoofer, ARC5.2 front system
KS124.4mini Class G/H output stage, CNC aluminium rings and insulation from Sound-Install-Products

TFT reversing camera

HLS (hydraulic life system) system for front axle height adjustment (parking garages and obstacles)    

  • Conversion with German TÜV approval
  • Limited to 10 units.
  • 3 already manufactured and sold
  • personalised plate with name and serial number

Price EXCLUDING basic vehicle:          from 50,100 euros net

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