If you're shopping for an overlanding rig and want something with a different look, there's a rugged Toyota Hilux camper on the way into the United States from Japan. The American buyer purchased this machine with the purpose of selling it in the U.S., and the rig is from early 1994, so you can newly register this off-road adventurer under the 25-year importation rule.

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The Hilux wears a coat of satin black paint over the entire body that gives the exterior an apocalyptic look. It's easy to imagine the opening shot of a movie where this truck is speeding through a stretch of desolate desert with dust hanging in the air behind it. The raised ride height only adds to the tough appearance. For serious off-road adventures, the dual rear axle has an air suspension, in addition to leaf springs, for raising the back end above potential hazards. 

Enjoy the drive because you can't go anywhere too quickly in this truck. There's a 2.8-liter diesel four-cylinder under the hood with a factory rating of 90 horsepower (67 kilowatts) and 139 pound-feet (188 Newton-meters). It runs through a five-speed manual, and there's a part-time four-wheel drive system for extra traction.

The interior of this camper is so nice that someone could live out of it in a pinch. There are two beds – one above the cab and another that converts from the couches. A kitchenette, refrigerator, and bathroom with shower handle life's necessities. Plenty of cupboards provide lots of storage, too. This setup looks better than many tiny houses and comes with the extra advantage of not needing a tow vehicle to take it someplace else.

Source: Pacific Coast Auto via YouTube

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