It's for sale, and it could be the deal of the decade.

These crazy-cool Mauck RVs crop up every so often for sale, and this could be the nicest one we’ve seen thus far. If you don’t know about this spacey-looking motorhome, it was built back in the 1990s by an Ohio-based company called Mauck Special Vehicles. They were terrifically expensive when new, but this one underwent a restoration in 2007 that cost – wait for it – $815,000.  It’s up for auction on Bring A Trailer with a current bid price of just $30,000, and there’s less than a day left in the auction.

Looking through the photos (the auction features nearly 200 all total, as well as the video above), the RV looks absolutely amazing. The Mauck’s trademark feature is its butterfly doors up front, but this one also wears a custom front bumper with revamped headlights and a built-in winch. It rides on polished 19-inch wheels, and all 21 exterior glass panels have a deliciously dark tint, except of course for the windshield.

Gallery: 1998 Mauck Custom RV

The interior looks drop-dead gorgeous with warm neutral colors and leather galore. Alcantara trim adds some luxury to the mix, and the modernization can be seen with the LED lighting and flat-screen televisions all around. There’s a small kitchen and restroom/shower up front with a sleeping area at the back. The living area encompasses the middle, but the table retracts and the center sofas fold to create another large bed. Controlling all the gizmos and on-board systems is a comprehensive electronics suite that looks ready to command a small army, and then there’s the engine – a rear-mount 8.1-liter supercharged V8. Power isn’t mentioned, but despite the Mauck’s size we suspect it could easily out-accelerate the average RV.

This is a 1998 model, and frankly, it will likely sell for a steal considering that sizable investment. The last Mauck we saw at Bring A Trailer sold for just under $54,000, and that was just a few months ago. Will this one top that figure? The auction closes tomorrow, so bid early and often.

Source: Bring A Trailer

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