Have you ever wondered why the dual-clutch transmission of BMW’s performance M models has no parking position? The automaker says it simply wanted the gearbox to be closer in style to a regular manual transmission. So, how do you secure the car when it’s stationary? Just leave the gear engaged (D) and switch off the engine, the gear will automatically shift to park.

This is what we learn from a new educational video from the Bavarian manufacturer on YouTube, which tries to teach us how to better use the dual-clutch transmissions of the BMW M vehicles. BMW says the DCT “combines the best of two worlds: auto-switching and manual switching,” so let’s see what other tricks we can learn from the clip.

Let BMW also teach you how to drift:

For example, the gearbox uses a clever Low Speed Assistant and here’s how it works. Because the DCT is basically based on a manual ‘box, there’s no torque converter, and when you release the brake pedal, the car won’t start rolling. You have to accelerate just like with a normal manual gearbox by gently touching the gas pedal, and a single tap is enough to activate the Low Speed Assistant. Once it’s working, if you take your foot off the accelerator and don’t break, the car will continue to roll at 2-3 miles per hour (4-5 kilometers per hour).

2018 BMW M3 CS
2018 BMW M3 CS

Did you notice the small button just below the gearbox shifter? It’s called Drive Logic and controls the gear change speed. When you are driving around town and don’t need the best performance of the transmission, simply leave it in normal position for maximum comfort. When on track, press it three times and you’ll see three small bars on the instrument cluster, right below the gear indicator. Now you are ready to beat ‘em all.

SourceBMW M on YouTube

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